I can't decide who to send an invitation to, any suggestions?

Absolutely! We offer a matchmaking service to all of our Members. When submitting your invitation please tell us about yourself, your upcoming trip and what you are looking for in a travel companion. Carefully considered suggestions will follow.

Why do the Sugar Baby allowances vary so much?

Everybody is different and we try to be as accommodating as possible to all of our member's personal requirements. We have no influence on each Travel Girls Sugar Baby allowance requirement. The amount requested is at each lady's discretion. The agency takes no commission.

How do I know that the ladies pictures are genuine?

We request that ladies provide a verification photo, clearly showing their face and a piece of paper with 'Elite Travel Girls' written on it. We also require Travel Girls to provide us with a copy of their photo ID. So we are as sure as we can be that all Travel Girls, and their pictures, are genuine.

Am I required to pay the introduction fee again if I wish to meet the same lady?

No, this fee is for the first introduction, once you have been introduced we can't introduce you again to the same person. You will already have this ladies contact information so please make arrangements between yourselves should you wish to continue to date.

How do I cancel my account?

Visit our payment processors website and cancel your membership subscription using the link provided on the homepage. You will need your card number and the email address used when signing up. Should you need any assistance in doing this we will be happy to help.

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