Want to be introduced to successful business travelers, generous sugar daddies and maybe even your future billionaire husband?

You have come to the right place! See the world, have fun and make valuable connections with influential gentlemen as an Elite Travel Girl.

Ladies interested in joining must have a professionally taken portfolio of recent and high-quality pictures. The majority of our Travel Girls are models, beauty queens, actresses, social influencers, flight attendants and beautiful, classy students.

Before submitting our application form below please take a few moments to read about how we work and what you can expect when you join us.

1) When a Travel Sponsor wishes to send you a trip invite they complete an invitation form which provides you with details about them and their proposed trip. You will receive your invitation via email and can choose to accept, make suggestions or decline the invite.

2) If you decline the invite, the travel sponsor will not receive your contact details. If you choose to accept the invitation then we will forward your preferred contact details (usually email and phone) to your travel sponsor who will then proceed to contact you directly so that you can make arrangements between yourselves and become better aquainted before your time together.

3) Your travel sponsor will have paid an introduction fee to be able to contact you. He is serious about meeting you. Please make sure that you are as equally serious about meeting before you accept the invitation.

4) If you require a Sugar Baby allowance while on a travel date then your travel sponsor will be aware of this. Within the first few days of making contact with you, your sponsor will be required to settle 50% of any compensation requests that you have noted on your profile. The final 50% should be transferred within a few hours of meeting.

Read our compensation and travel arrangement guidelines here.