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Elite Travel Girls is a top sugar baby travel dating site for rich and beautiful singles with a passion for travel. Find your perfect Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy travel partner on As a luxury travel dating agency for upscale singles we facilitate introductions for exceptional people who wish to combine elite dating with world travel. Rich Sugar Daddies are always looking for fun sugar babies to travel with and keep them company on otherwise dull business trips.

Wealthy business travelers always want to meet sugar baby travel girls that love adventures so that they can go out and explore a new city together as soon as they are done with their busy work schedule for the day. Traveling Sugar Babies are beautiful single women who want to see the world in style with a generous travel sponor by their side. They also want to do this without having to worry about the finances involved, usually because Sugar Babies that travel are often students, up and coming actresses or part-time models.

Sugar Babies That Travel

Our adventurous Sugar Baby travel girls receive travel invitations for luxury weekend city breaks in top world cities such as Monte Carlo, Rome, Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, London, New York and Paris. Our Sugar Baby travel dating girls are the glamorous plus ones at numerous high profile fashion, racing and media events. Don't underestimate Sugar babies that travel because they are so much more than just 'arm-candy' at special events. Our traveling Sugar Babies are smart and engaging too and often highly-educated students and professionals. Sugar baby travel girls will easily and effortlessly charm everyone they meet. You could say that for a wealthy man that wants to date travel girls ( aka a Sugar Daddy Travel Sponsor) Sugar Baby travel dating is the ultimate investment on so many levels.

For Sugar Daddies that travel frequently and have seen it all before, and that are no longer impressed by the different cultures of destinations they visit around the world, traveling with a Sugar Baby may be the answer. Alternatively, if a Sugar Daddy is so impressed by everything he sees and experiences on business trips around the world, it would also make sense that he would want a fun and exciteable Sugar Baby Travel Girl to share it with.

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Sugar Babies See The World In Style

Sugar Daddies are successful wealthy men who most likely have business related connections all over the globe and are traveling every week or month. Traveling with your Sugar Daddy means staying in 5 star luxury hotels and flying to destinations you could only have dreamed of visiting before considering trying Sugar Baby Travel Dating. We are proud to have model and millionaire Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy members who want to try sugar baby travel dating based in all the top cities around the world.

We facilitate sugar travel dates for successful business travelers looking for a beautiful travel companion and who want to date models and Sugar Babies that travel worldwide. If you are based in, or traveling to Europe, the USA, Canada, South or Central America, Asia, South Africa or even Australia or New Zealand we will find the perfect fun and adventurous Sugar Baby travel girl or generous travel sponsor and millionaire Sugar Daddy for endless and unlimited sugar dating and luxury travel opportunities.

Sugar Baby Travel Girl Benefits

If you’ve just decided to become a Sugar Baby travel girl then you’ve automatically increased your chances of meeting someone who loves to travel who would be interested in becoming your travel partner. When you find a Sugar Daddy who loves to travel, soon you will be traveling first class around the world, visiting top Sugar Dating cities such as Milan, Paris, London and New York City. Enjoying room service, exploring exciting new cities arm in arm with a charming Sugar Daddy. Spending the afternoons shopping in designer stores and boutiques while he gets his business meetings out of the way. Dining in top restaurants and rubbing shoulders with the world's elite.

If this all sounds exciting to you, then become a member of Elite Travel Girls, the #1 Sugar Baby Travel Dating Agency. Our mission is to connect sweet elite singles for once in a lifetime sugar baby meets sugar daddy travel dating opportunities and to make life more exciting and fulfilling for us all.

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